Meet the McKnights

Among the Dairy Herd

Inspecting the diary herd on the McKnights Farm

New Arrivals

The McKnights' future goats' cheese producers

On the McKnight's Farm

Inspecting the pasture

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On the McKnights farm, the application of sustainable farming practices which reflect our common need as a community to protect the soil, landscape, wildlife habitats and endangered species of flora and fauna are considered to be an important part of the farm's dairy business.

This approach was first fostered by their successful participation over a number of years in The Rural Environment Protection Scheme (REPS), the key requirements of which were set out in a series of measures including the following:

  1. Having a Grass Land & Soil Management Plan.
  2. A Nutrient Management Plan.
  3. Protecting & Maintaining Watercourses, Wells, Rivers and Lakes.
  4. Retaining Wildlife Habitats
  5. Maintaining Farm and Field Boundaries.
  6. Restricting the use of Pesticides and Fertilisers.
  7. Establishing Biodiversity Buffer Zones surrounding features of Historical & Archaeological interest.
  8. Maintaining and Improving the Visual Appearance of the Farm and Farm Yard.
  9. The Protection of Tillage Crops.
  10. Training in Environmentally Friendly Practices.
  11. Maintaining Farm and Environmental Records.

The very positive impact of this scheme on the farm is both tangible and visible and the Natural Dairies / Green Pastures Creamery approach will not only build on that success but complement it by ensuring that the principal measures of the REPS scheme are not only continued but incorporated into a sustainable farming practices programme called "Natural by Nature" covering such additional areas as animal health & welfare and the adoption of a Green Energy approach, the focus of which is to ensure viable family farms and sustainable communities.

The McKnights are now beginning a farm journey that will see the farm develop a second farming enterprise through the establishment of a dairy goat herd to supply goats' milk for our Yeats Country Goat's Cheese. We hope that from time to time you will follow our progress in this journey both as a creamery and on McKnights' farm by joining us on our blog.


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