Our Precious Story

From Small Beginnings

Ours is a story of simple beginnings in one of Ireland’s most beautiful and natural landscapes.  In the early 1980's, our small farm dairy was a family affair.  Seven nights a week, alongside close friends, we indulged our passion in crafting our own great tasting dairy products – exceptional Irish cream cheese, yogurt, sour cream, crème fraiche, butter and buttermilks.  We used traditional cultured and cheese-cloth making methods as these were the most natural we could find and sought the best flavours and taste.  It was a labour of love and we created the finest quality dairy products for our family and friends.  As friends became customers, so word of our passion and precious quality began to spread.


We are as excited about cheese making and dairy products as we were on day one.  Using carefully selected ingredients, our award winning dairy products are as close to nature as we can get and, while some things have changed to cater for increased demand, our love of the land shines through in every product we bring to you.  Each batch is made with the same passion and commitment that was an essential part of our original dairy.

Over the years, with lashings of patience, passion and with the help of some great people, we have and continue to produce a range of dairy products for customers at home and abroad.

Please enjoy our precious range and traditional recipes. We have made them just for you.


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